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I thought I might share with you a unique item that I purchased during the week.  I will tell you what I paid for the item and what I believe that it is worth.  The first item is this beautiful pair of Mid Century Asian Figurines with iridescent Eosin glaze.

I purchased these Mid Century Asian figurines in a thrift shop in Deerfield Beach.  I was drawn to their color.  The figurines are painted in a lovely iridescent green.  They were sold as a pair and were in perfect condition.  They were marked $75 for the pair but I negotiated a $45 price for the two if I paid cash. (If you enjoy shopping for antiques, you will learn quickly that dealers are more likely to barter with you if you are paying in cash.  More importantly, the dealer asked me if I was going to pay in cash before she offered me a final price). 

Now for the figures themselves.  As I mentioned, they are a pair:  a male and a female.  The female Geisha is playing a guitar and the matching statue is of an Asian man in a relaxed pose.  Both are painted in a green iridescent Eosin style glaze.  Both are marked with what looks like an upside-down letter A. Finally, the woman measures about 12″ tall while the male figure is a bit taller at 13”.

These figurines are circa mid century and they are in near mint condition.  There are no scratches or chips and the felt on the bottom is in perfect condition.  They weight approximately 4 lbs. 

Paid:  $45

Estimated Value:  $75-$90

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