This time of year makes me think of fireworks, barbecue and picnics. I happen to be a big fan of all three. Living in South Florida we tend to gravitate towards beach picnics. But wherever your picnic takes you be it the beach, park or your own backyard, there are several picnic essentials that you will need. At Budget Friendly Luxury, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect items at a budget friendly price that you can afford.

So without further adieu, here are a list of our budget friendly picnic essentials.


Don’t make a rookie mistake by bringing an old blanket or sheet to sit on. Most ground this time of year is damp and the moisture is sure to seep right through. You want to be comfortable as possible while enjoying your meal in the great outdoors.

The Nemo Victory Blanket is a perfect picnic choice. It has a soft felt top with a water proof underside. It is slightly padded and it has clips to anchor it on a windy day. All-in-all a perfect picnic accessory.


Every picnic needs a quality basket to tote all of your yummy picnic foods. This basket is great. It is insulated with a sturdy handle. Plus,it has a leak proof lining and can carry up to 65 lb! It also has the ability to fold flat. How cool is this bag!

Reusable Ice Block

Ice is too messy to deal with…reusable ice packs are the way to go. Not only are reusable ice packs less messy, they also can keep items colder for longer periods of time. This little ice pack with help to keep your food and drinks cold for hours so that they stay safe to eat on those warm days.


Next, you will need beautiful tableware to set your perfect picnic. I adore this set of Melamine dinnerware. It looks a lot like a pattern that I purchased from Williams Sonoma years ago. Only one plate cost about what this whole set costs.


The perfect silverware set for your Budget Friendly Picnic. I love that it comes with chopsticks and a super cute little case.

Natural Bug Repellent

Nothing ruins a picnic like pesky mosquitoes. Use this beautiful soy candle to keep those pesky pests at bay.

I wish you many happy picnics this summer! Let me know your favorite picnic place! I will try to add it to my list.

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