Every girl with curly hair has a love/hate relationship with her hair.  On a good hair day, it is wash and wear hair at its best.  On a bad day, it is a frizzy awful mess.  I have had curls all of my life so I know a thing or two about taming curls.  I also have lived all over the United States giving me a bit of expertise with different climates and different waters. 

The five tools I list here, are my MUST HAVE tools that all curly girls need in their arsenal.  These tools are universal and work in all temperatures and with all water types.  Owning these tools, will help you to refine the rest of your curly girl hair routine. 

A Finger Diffuser

Having a great Finger Diffuser is the most essential tool in my arsenal.  It allows me to apply heat to my hair without letting the air disturb my curls. In trying many, many diffusers in my life, I have found that the hair dryers that come with their diffusers work better than the universal pop on diffuser.

Ideally, I like to let my hair air dry for about an hour then I just hit the roots of my hair with the diffuser to give my hair some lift.  I don’t dry my hair all the way.  Questions?  I wrote a step-by-step tutorial on styling my curly hair.

Here are a few of my favorite hair dryers.  I use the first one.  It is a bit expensive, but it is amazing.  (I also have the travel fold, up version of this dryer too!)

A Great Shower Cap

Next, a good, water and steam proof shower cap is key to wonderfully curly hair.  Over washing curls, makes them dry and frizzy.  So I recommend only washing your 2-3 per week.  The key is learning to shower without messing up your perfect curls.  Steam (like humidity) can wreak havoc on curls.  You have to have a great shower cap.

A Heavy Conditioner

Fact:  The more conditioned your hair is, the less frizzy it will be.  Dry hair frizzes more easily.  Every time I wash my hair, I slather on the conditioner.  I have found that if I use a hair mask or heavy conditioner once a week, my curls look amazing.   

Wide Tooth Comb

If you have curls, you know that you cannot brush dry curls without getting a frizzy, awful mess.  I only brush through my hair when it is wet.  I also only use a wide tooth plastic comb.  This comb is key to my styling process.  In fact, I use it to comb through all of my product.  This will be one of your least expensive tool but one of your most important.

Silk Pillowcase

Getting the perfect curls is a labor of love.  Using a silk pillowcase at night protects all of your hard work.  Every night, I loosely put my hair up and sleep on a silk pillow case.  The silk helps to reduce friction on my hair allowing me to save my curls for another day!

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