We have had a rough start to summer in my house.  My teenager was supposed to attend a sleep away camp at a local college for three weeks.  We barely made it through the first week, when he was sent home with a fever.  Took to the Dr…said it was a virus.  No biggie…I got this, I thought.  Only a virus turned into a wicked case of the croup where my son coughed EVERY minute of EVERY hour he was awake for 5 days strait.  Three steroids, an antibiotic and four doctors visits later, he received an in-office breathing treatment that seemed to calm everything.  Perfect…Just in time for his 13th birthday. Wrong again! The night before his birthday celebration, he came down with a stomach virus which he kindly passed on to Mom and Dad.  We were all so sick we not only missed the birthday, but our flight to Seattle!  Good news is…things can only get better from here!

Four days later, we are almost back to normal.   I am grateful for a lot of rest, good books and Netflix.  In my haze of the last few days, I ran across these five articles, I thought that you might love.  Hope you enjoy my Friday Five!

30 Beautiful Rustic Bohemian Living Room Designs

I love the colors, patterns and texture mixes in these rooms.  They look super comfy and eclectic. 

To My Youngest As You Start High School: 9 Things We Want You to Know

Having a son entering 8th grade (not high school yet but close), I found this article really endearing.  I do believe that there is such a thing as teenage brain! I love the advice that this mom shares with her son!

Save Me the Plums

I absolutely blew through this book.  I loved it (and craved to taste the food she was writing about).  This is a memoir by food critic and long time editor of Gourmet Magazine, Ruth Reichl.  It is a quick read…perfect for summer.  (Also it was one of my top ten reads for the summer…check out the full list).

Queen Elizabeth just Gave Kate Middleton Something that She has Held onto for 67 years

My husband and I have recently finished binge-watching The Queen so I have to admit that I have paying closer attention to all things “Royal.”  While I found the passing of the torch interesting, I loved the video and photos of Princess Kate.  She is so endearing! 

Do you Know your Etiquette IQ? 

Are you a Manner’s Maven?  Take this fun quiz to find out. 

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