Summer is officially here in South Florida.  School is out and summer camp has begun.  It’s a new routine, but one I know that I can get used to.  Can I mention…I’m sleeping til 8 am in the mornings!  #Thisisheaven!

I have spent a lot of time lately on Flipboard driving around and waiting at appointments.  I have included a few articles here that I found fascinating.  I hope that you agree. 

Happy Reading!

How to Protect Sleep, Attention, and Family Relationships (by managing our screen time).

Do you know Common Sense Media?  They have become my go to site to research the new video game that my son is begging for.  They rate all kinds of things:  tv shows, movies, books, apps, video games.  They tell you in detail what you can expect…so you can make informed decisions about what your kids watch, do and play.  Here is an article from one of their writers, I found really helpful!

Here is Why Airplane Boarding got so Ridiculous

Ever wonder why we no longer board from the back to the front or how you get placed in a boarding zone.  All your answers and more are found in this article.  I found it helpful as I plan my summer travel.

photo from Kit Caless

Pub Work Gives a Royal Carpet Maker an Unwelcome Image (and It’s Sticking)

This is a fascinating article about the Royal Carpet Maker for Buckingham Palace and the Queen.  The carpet maker (whose carpets in the Palace are never allowed to be photographed), has recently taken a contract with a chain of Pubs in the UK.  Their carpets are now found on Instagram…much to the Queen’s dismay.  A fun article about class and carpet. 

Nordstrom $58

Leather Thong Sandals

How cute are these leather sandals from Free People?  They come in three fun colors but I think that I am going to order the brown.  They are only $58!

4 Professional Makeup Artists Reveal Their Skin-Care Routines

I always find it fascinating to read about other people’s skin care regime.  I am a big fan of Drunk Elephant products and they had a nice showing here.  I also found a couple products to try.  Let me know what you think.

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