I had fun reading this month. Again, I enjoyed my library’s digital check out option. In looking for a book to download there, I ran across The Glass Ocean. It was written by Beatriz Williams and Karen White: two of my favorite authors…and I knew nothing about it! I also tried my hand at a little suspense, a little southern charm and a healthy does of young adult. Tell me Three Things, the last book I review here is only $1.99 on Amazon! While my book club book this month was a bit of a bust, the other books I read were great. Hope you find your next great book to read.

The Glass Ocean by [Williams, Beatriz, Willig, Lauren, White, Karen]

Glass Ocean

Beatriz Williams is one of my favorite authors.  I stumbled upon this book that she co authored with two other ladies.  If you love historical fiction, this was a great read.  The book tells a modern day story of a writer looking for her next book idea and the story of the last voyage of the HMS Lusitania in 1914.  I love how these authors weave these two stories together. They do a wonderful job of making the past relevant to the present day story.  This story is rich with characters.  There is a little bit of love and a lot of intrigue.  Overall it is a fun read.    

Bring Me Back: A Novel by [Paris, B. A.]

Bring me Back

I went from history to suspense in a blink of an eye.  This book tells a story of Finn and Layla who seem very much in love.  While coming back from a skiing vacation, the couple makes a stop at a rest area and Layla goes missing and is later presumed dead.  Fast forward ten years and Finn is engaged to Layla’s sister, Ellen. The two share this strong connection of the missing Layla. Just as Finn and Ellen are to be married, Finn receives a call that Layla has been spotted.  Coupled with other strange events, Finn begins to wonder if Layla could still be alive.  This was a gripping read with a nice twist at the end. 

The Night the Lights Went Out by [White, Karen]

The Night the Lights Went Out

If you love a good southern story, then this was a fun read.  I love Karen White.  She has a wonderful series set in Charleston that is a must read for anyone planning a visit there.   This story however is set in the suburbs of Georgia.  Merilee has recently moved to Sweet Apple, Georgia after her husband left her for their daughter’s third grade teacher.  Trying to protect the children and hoping to start over, she moves to a new town, new house and starts her children in a new school.  While trying desperately to fit in, she realized that all is not what it seems in Sweet Apple.  Add in a crusty old landlord, a cute handy man and a too-good-to-be-true best friend and you have a great story. 

Trust Exercise: A Novel by [Choi, Susan]

Trust Exercise

This was my book club book this month.  I have to stay that I despise reading books without chapters. I’m sure that makes me anal retentive but I like natural point to stop reading.  This book was set up in three sections. (The first section 4 hours and 23 minutes!) It tells the story of a performing arts high school in the 1980s.  I did not enjoy reading this book and only finished it because it was a book club book.

Tell Me Three Things by [Buxbaum, Julie]

Tell Me Three Things

I love fitting a young adult book in the mix every once in a while.  This was a sweet read written in the style of Rainbow Rowell (another of my favorite YA authors).  I blew through this book in two days.  It was an easy read and just what I needed after Trust Exercise.  It tells the story of Jessie.  Two years after loosing her mother to cancer, Jessie’s world is turned upside down.  Her dad secretly marries a woman that he meets in an online grief group and moves them to California.  Jessie is forced to start  her junior year in a preppy (read rich) school outside of LA.  She feels completely lost in this new world until she receives an email from “Somebody Nobody” (SN).  SN gives her tips on how to navigate her new environment, tells her who to trust and helps her to make her first friend.  All in all SN makes life in LA bearable.  While she is dying to meet her anonymous helper…are some things better left a mystery? 

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