I am in the process of changing my craft room into more of a sitting room. As, I have mentioned in previous post, I am really drawn to the Hollywood Regency look. I love all of the velvet and gold and of course the color!

While I have been working on a design plan, I have to keep budget in mind. I have been drawn to this beautiful antique gold and bamboo bookshelf from One Kings Lane. However, this shelf is $745 and I need two!

Silas Étagère, Antiqued Gold $745

This shelf is exactly what I am looking for, but $1500 would seriously make a dent in my budget. So I begin to search for comparable options. I was amazed at what I found. Allow me to share my good fortune with you!

Madison Bookshelf $599

While this shelf is slightly wider and just a bit shorter than the one at One Kings Lane, it is near identical. I was drawn to the metal shelves. So just with a quick search, I just saved $150 per shelf. Let’s see what else we can find!

Nola 5 Tiered Bookshelf $129

This bookshelf is essentially the same size as the original one from One Kings Lane for nearly $600 less! The differences: you loose the bamboo feel. While this bookshelf is shaped the same and is gold, there are no bamboo accents. In addition, the shelves are glass and not metal. I still believe that this is an amazing look for a great price!

Damon Etagere Bookcase $159

This bookshelf is near identical to the Better Homes and Garden one. It is $30 more from Wayfair. I lean towards Wayfair because they have an option for assembly. I am not handy, so I would likely have to get someone to put the shelf together for me. Their option allows me to have the shelf delivered and assembled for one price! Love it!

Spending just little time searching allowed me to recreate the look that I loved for a fraction of the cost. Just think, I could save $800 or more on the purchase of two shelves. This will allow me to upgrade my new sitting room in other ways.

If you liked this post let me know in the comments below and I will add more “Look for Less” posts in the future.

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