Have you seen the scarf tying video on Pinterest?  The lady shows you how to tie a square scarf about 10 different ways in 30 seconds. Mind Blown! I am amazed at how many different ways that she can tie a scarf. It’s really incredible!

I really love scarves.  When we travel, I almost always have one with me as an accessory.  I admit, that I don’t wear scarves enough when I am at home.  So, I am making a resolution to find new ways to add a little pop to my style with a well placed scarf. 

Here is my inspiration:

The Ubiquitous Square Scarf

Images from Pinterest

The square scarf for me is the most challenging. I know that they are the most versatile but just looking at the scarf unfolded stumps me. I end up just twisting it around my neck with no artistic ability what-so-ever. But I am willing to learn!

Here are a few resources to remove your scarf-phobia:

50 Ways to Wear a Scarf by [Friedman, Lauren]
50 Ways to Wear a Scarf $8.51

I not only own this scarf book but I have given it as a gift with a beautiful scarf of course. It has diagrams and step-by-step instructions. Trust me, I am a visual learner so this is perfect for me.

If that doesn’t do the trick, here is my Pinterest Scarf Tying Lady


Need a little more inspiration? Here are a few blank canvases for your scarf tying imagination to run wild with.

Kate Spade Handbag Scarf $46
Echo Tossed Floral $49
Anthropologie $20

The Stylish Hair Scarf

Images from Pinterest

I love the idea of the hair scarf. I have thick curly hair perfect for the scarf. My style tends to be boho so what am I waiting for? Leave it to my friends at Elle Magazine to hear my cry of desperation. Here is their take to help you find the perfect way to add a little scarf style to your hair.

How to Wear a Scarf in Your Hair – Elle Magazine

Here are a few inspirational hair tying scarves I love!

Target Hair Tie Scarf $6
Free People $18
Anthropologie $38

Last but certainly not least:

The Beautiful Bag Scarf

Images from Pinterest

Such a simple and elegant way to add a little scarf pizzazz to your look. Best part (at least for me in South Florida) its not hot at all (at least temperature wise…its smoking in every other way). What a great way to class up a straw bag for the summer!

I learned that the 20 in by 20 in scarf is the best to use for dressing up your handbags. Here is a great YouTube Tutorial. She has a few ideas I haven’t seen before plus her voice is so soothing to listen to.

Bag Tying YouTube Tutorial

J Crew $25
Kate Spade $48
Hand painted silk scarf $48

I hope that you have gleaned a little scarf wearing inspiration from this post. Let me know how you are wearing scarves this spring! I would love to see some pics.

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