Lately I have been crushing on the Hollywood Regency style.  I am looking to redo my sitting room/office.  Since most of my house is pretty traditional, I was looking to create a room with a pop of color.  In scrolling trough Pinterest and Instagram, I keep coming back to the same types of images.  I am drawn to bright colors, gold accents, tufted furniture and velvet—lots of velvet!  In a nut shell, I continue to be enamored with the Hollywood style of the 20s and 30s.

Hollywood Regency is a design style trademarked by the bold use of color, gold accents and statement walls or floors.  In one word, Hollywood Regency is luxury. The name comes from the movie making industry in Southern California and was wildly popular in Hollywood’s “Golden Era” from the 1920s to the 1950s.  Dorothy Draper and Bill Haines were popular designers of the time and their influence can still be seen today.

Hollywood Regency is glitz and glamour covered in lacquer, chrome, and mirrored finishes. Every detail is meant to convey luxury and there is always the feeling that people should look good in the design— particularly if they are wearing satin bathrobes and sipping a cocktail.

-Rochelle Greayer
Decor Mag

Hollywood Regency is a style meant to feel frivolously overdone and pleasantly, extravagantly unbalanced, yet sleek and modern.  It is characterized by blocks of contrasting color.  Think in pinks and turquoises and yellows with a healthy dose of gold and black-and-white.  There is also a touch of the exotic including Animal prints (zebra, cheetah, snakeskin, etc.) as well as imitation bamboo stalks and palm fronds.

Are you as entranced with this style as I am?  Here are some key elements needed to achieve the Hollywood Regency look.

Jonathan Adler

Pops of Color

As we mentioned earlier…color is key in achieving this style.  Think hot pink or fuchsia…turquoise to pale blue.  There is always a sense of the geometric often in black and white.

Navy Velvet Couch $899
Blush Velvet Sofa $599
Bright Pink Velvet Sofa $1100

Rich Fabrics and Textures

Nothing says elegance quite like velvet. Velvet sofas, pillows and chairs are often found in a Hollywood Regency room. It is also quite common to see animal prints either as an accent (such as a chair or pillow) or on the floor as a rug. 

Zebra Rug $139
Velvet Peacock Pillow $35
Yellow Velvet Chair $450

Lots of Gold

Think bold, brazen and gold!  Gold Mirrors, gold accented tables and gold lamps are all common factors in getting the Hollywood glamour look. Gold symbolizes wealth and elegance which are key components of this modern style.

Wide Lucite and Gold Metal Bar Cart $299
Sunburst Wall Mirror $60
Geometric Lamp $89

Greek Keys

The Greek Key pattern is also dominant element in achieving this look.  You can find the key pattern on rugs, on table lamps or in fabric.

Gold Leaf Round Coffee Table $399 
Greek Key Pillow $35
9×12 Greek Key Rug $319

Statement Art

Think large, graphic and bold!  Art takes up a whole wall (or the whole floor).  Pop Art, large photographs or black and white abstracts are commonly found in this look.

48×48 Abstract $367
43 x 43 Artwork $239
47×40 Artwork $259

Shiny Furnishings

Hollywood loves shiny items!  Lacquered furnishings seems to be a big element in this design style… buffets, end tables, or desks.  Mirrored items are also popular. 

Glossy Blue Teal Accent Cabinet $349
Bryan Sideboard $1019
Black Lacquer Tray $45

Palm Fronds and Bamboo

Hollywood Regency likes a little of the fantasy elements.  We saw this earlier with the animal prints.  It is also expressed in its love for bamboo and palm fronds.  Think bamboo lamps or palm fronds as a base for a table. 

Starburst Logan Wall Sconce $60
Palm Leaf Dish $20
Palm Table $165

Add a touch of glamour or redesign a whole room. Let me see what you do. I will share my designs as well.

Happy Shopping!

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