I don’t know about you, but I am slightly hooked on Pinterest. I use Pinterest to spark my imagination and to gain inspiration for both fashion and decorating.

I was searching Pinterest for ideas about how to fill a very blank wall by my stairs and came across this picture.

Image from Pinterest

To say I was stopped in mid scroll would be an understatement. While my space (nor my budget) could not handle this many scarves, I knew that I wanted this look in my home. I began my quest to find the perfect scarves to frame.

Do Your Research

I knew that the scarves in this picture were Hermes scarves. To be honest, I had no idea about how much a silk Hermes scarf cost. I began to do research. I started with Etsy…always my first stop for researching vintage items. I learned a few important pieces of information.

  • First, Hermes scarves come in three sizes: 35in x 35in, 24in x 24in and 17in x 17in.
  • They ranged in price from $78 to over $1000 depending on rarity, size and condition.
  • Finally, I did find that there were some competitors both in silk and rayon that looked a lot like Hermes at a fraction of the cost if I decided to go that route.

Know Where to Go

Knowing where to purchase a vintage item is key. In fact, I dedicated a couple of posts to this very topic. (Click here and here). I love to add vintage items to my home and one of my favorite hobbies is antiquing. I put the scarves on my list of things I would like to have and for the next couple of months I looked for the perfect scarf at a price I could afford.

I happened to find two beautiful scarves from a vendor at my monthly antique show. Because I was purchasing two, I was able to negotiate a price for two scarves for $125. I was thrilled with my purchases. And was able to purchase two coordinating scarves within the budget that I set for this project.

Beware of Hidden Costs

Knowing I had to frame these scarves, I factored the framing costs into my budget. However, I learned a valuable lesson. At 36 inches, a piece of art is considered oversized and will cost substantially more to frame. The scarves that I purchased were 35×35 and with a small mat, exceeded the 36 inch limit. Even though, I chose a simple frame, it cost me $600 per scarf to frame (way more than I anticipated).

So while I am extremely happy with my pictures, they were a little pricier than I anticipated. My take away, is to completely research all possible cost when setting a budget for a project.

The Finished Product

Since most people enter my home through the garage, these pictures are the first impression that you get of what is to come. I love them and I love that Pinterest inspired me to complete this project.

There is not a ton of space in this hallway so it was really hard to get a great picture. As you can see, I had the scarves stretched so that there were no wrinkles. I used a thin, white mat around the outside and a simple antique gold, bamboo frame. I also chose to use the museum quality glass because they will get some direct sunlight. This will reduce the glare on the picture and protect it from fading from sun exposure.

Have you ever made a Pinterest Pin a reality? Let me know in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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