February was actually a great reading month.  I enjoyed everything that I read albeit at different levels.  I traveled back to World War II in the first two books that I read.  Both were excellent character driven novels however one was a emotionally harder to read than the other.  I would highly recommend both books. 

Around Valentine’s Day, I indulged in a little chick lit reading Sophie Kinsella’s new book.  It was just the fun, easy read that I had hoped for in a book.  I finished the month with a very thought provoking book:  Life and Other Near Death Experiences.  This book looked at the idea of how would you spend your life if you knew that you were going to die soon.    

Right now, I am reading Anonymous Girl and I CANNOT PUT IT DOWN!  If you loved The Last Mrs. Parrish, I think that you will love this book.  I am also hoping to read Where the Crawdad’s Sing.  Have you read it?  I keep hearing that it is an amazing book.  I will let you know what I think next month! 

Lilac Girls

I read this book with my book club this month.  It is a story that follows three girls before, during and after World War II.  The first is a New York Socialite, Caroline, that works for the French Consulate in America.  She has a heart for those that are less fortunate than her.  Her world personally and professionally collapses when Hitler invades France.  Herta Oberheuser is a young, ambitious German doctor that is desperate to get some medical experience as a woman.  Only becoming a doctor at one of Hitler’s new “rehibilation” camps is not exactly the experience that she was hoping for.  Finally, there is Kasia who becomes a prisoner at Ravensbrück, a notorious concentration camp for women.  While this book at times was emotionally hard to read, it was an amazing book.  If you love character driven novels, you will want to read this one. 

The Light Over London

Cara is working with an antique dealer in London (a woman after my own heart).  While cleaning out an estate, she discovers an old tin filled with mementos including a picture of a woman in uniform and a diary from World War II.  She longs to find the woman that belongs to these memories so that she can return them to their rightful owner.  In 1941, Louise Keene a small town girl at heart, joins the women’s branch of the British Army .  She becomes a part of an elite force in the British Army called the Gunner Girls.  While going on an adventure of a lifetime, Louise realizes that people aren’t always how they seems.  This book did a terrific job of merging the past and the present together.  Again, this is a very character driven novel.  Though it is also a World War II novel, it is a much lighter read than Lilac Girls.  I really loved this book too.  It had a little history, a little romance and a little family drama.  It was a truly great book to read.

I Owe You One

I have been a Sophie Kinsella fan since her Shopaholic series.  While I love that series and felt a kinship to Rebecca Bloomwood, I have not always loved Kinsella’s stand alone books.  This one was a mediocre read for me.  After two wonderful and heavy books, I was searching for something lighter.  This absolutely fit the bill.  Fixie, the main character, spends her life trying to “fix things.”  While I liked her as a character, I had to suspend reality too many times to make this book work for me.  It was a easy, fun read and it kept my attention but not high on my list on must reads. 

Life and Other Near Death Experiences

I have to admit, I chose this book because it hit home for me. Libby Miller has just been told that she has a rare form of cancer and that she might have only months to live.  Having been given the similar news in 2017 about my husband, I was intrigued (read our happy ending here).  This book explores the “what would you do if you knew you could die at any minute.”  I enjoyed following Libby and her thought process.  I liked seeing the choices she made from her perspective and the choices from those that love her.  The author did a great job of taking an extremely heavy subject matter and making it lighthearted.  While the author didn’t sugar coat the situation,  this is not a book that is going to bog you down. I found this a very compelling book. 

Have you read anything good lately? I am always on the lookout for my next book. Let me know what you are loving in the comments below.

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