Today, we will be finishing our Month of Manners looking at Kate Spade.  I hope that you have been following me on Instagram where I shared a modern manner tip every day.  If you missed it, no worries.  Email me directly at and I will send you all 30 modern manners so you can start practicing today.  Nothing says luxury and style like living a well mannered life.

I chose to close the Month of Manners with Manner Maven, Kate Spade.  She did as much to promote good manners and graceful living as anyone of our generation.  She not only embodied grace and style in her personal and business life, but she wrote several book reminding our generation why manners and proper etiquette are still important. 

A Closer Look at Manner Maven: Kate Spade

Katherine Noel Valentine Brosnahan born December 24, 1962, was known professionally as Kate Spade.  She was the founder and former co-owner of the Kate Spade of New York brand.

While most know Spade for her colorful and stylish handbags and accessory line, you may not know her for her passion for manners and good etiquette.  For Kate Spade, growing up in a large family required good manners, so she prided herself on making good manners a part of her daily routine. During her lifetime, she was recognized for her impeccable manners and for her thoughtful handwritten notes.  In fact, her passion for the handwritten note inspired her extensive stationary and paper good line.

In 2004, Spade published a trio of books entitled:  Manners, Occasions and Style. In these books, Spade shares her ideas about manners and etiquette in a lighthearted and down to earth way.  Spade personally found manners and etiquette so important, she gave every employee a copy of Emily Post’s Etiquette when they started work for her.

In 2015, Spade published another book on entertaining, etiquette and style entitled All in Good Taste.  In this book, Spade helps to educate the modern day hostess.  This book is filled with etiquette tidbits, personal stories, recipes and how-tos. After reading her book, you can truly learn what it means to be “the hostess with the mostest.”

Why is Kate Spade Important Today?

I love that Spade believed in living a colorful life.  She sought to level the playing field and allow anyone at any income level achieve the Kate Spade mannered lifestyle.  She believed that kindness and common sense are the foundations for good manners.  She believed in the art of communication and the value of a handwritten note.  She looked at manners and etiquette with humor, whimsy and a dry wit. She navigated the modern day manner challenges and picked up where Emily Post left off.   In her book Manners, she explored cell phone etiquette, how one should act on an airplane and the “sport” of competitive parking.  Most of all, Spade showed us how to pull life all together with grace and style.

I hope that you enjoyed this month learning more about manners.  May we each pick up where Kate Spade left off and become Manner Mavens ourselves.

Want to learn more about Kate Spade?

Check out my post on 10 Gentle Reminders for Modern Day Etiquette which was inspired from Kate Spade’s book Manners.

Books and Resources by Kate Spade:

( ps. Her books are as lovely to look at as they are to read). 

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