Hello all! This week I have been focusing on manners. I thought it only fitting to make this week’s Friday Five all about manners too.

There is a direct correlation between luxury and manners and it has nothing to do with money. Emulating good manners helps to elevate your status in any room and any situation. Knowing and understanding basic table manners, how to make polite conversation and how to be a gracious guests are important factors for living the luxurious life that you desire. The best part about investing in good manners? Your only investment is time and energy…no money involve…making this the best possible Budget Friendly Luxury tip.

Believing good manners to be vital piece to living the Budget Friendly Luxury life, I am going to call February the Month of Manners. I will pepper the month with tips that you can apply directly to your life so that you too can elevate your status. On Instagram, I will share a tip a day. Don’t worry, there will be so additional posts that align with the Budget Friendly Luxury lifestyle too!

I’m looking forward to sprucing up on my manners too. Until then, enjoy this Friday 5.

Kathrin Ziegler/ Taxi/Getty Images

Etiquette for Public Primping

Is it Ok to reapply lipstick at the table? Find out the answer to that question and more as you learn proper etiquette for primping in public.

Formal table setting/ Pinterest

Proper Table Manners

Ever wonder what fork to use or where to place your napkin when you are done eating. Check out this article to get a little refresher.

St Croix Valley Gifted/fotostock

Teaching Teens to Use Their Manners

I don’t know about you, but I at times inwardly cringe at my son’s manners. I am going to put this article to good use in our household.

Americans wear items that don’t fit properly.

Michael Loccisano / Getty

14 Fashion ‘Faux Pas’ We Make

This is a fun article explaining the fashion mistakes that we make here in American compared to our French counterparts. It’s a fun read.


Proper Etiquette for Wearing Jewelry

Did you know that you can wear too much jewelry or that it is ok to mix metals with your jewelry. Find out more tips here so that you are always perfectly accessorized.

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