I can’t believe that November is already over!  Christmas is just around the corner!  How are you doing on your Christmas shopping?  I have been buying like crazy the last couple of weeks.  Now is the time to actually see what I have! I think that I am getting pretty close to being done.  Now is time for the wrapping!  I just purchased this Gangsta Wrapper t-shirt to get me in the gift wrapping spirit!

Travel and Thanksgiving break allowed me to have some quality time reading.  Most of the books I ready this month were pretty good.  Here is a breakdown of what I read and what I thought about it.  I also included the next couple of books on my “to read” list in case you want to join me.

Happy Reading!

November Reads

The Power

The Power was out book club choice for this month.  I have to admit that I have mixed feelings for this book.  The premise is:  in the world now, women have immense physical power.  The story is told through the lens of several different characters.   While I typically love these character driven novels, I felt that this author did not stay true to each characters voice while telling their story.  As a reader,I was left frustrated and at times confused about whose story the author was telling.  While the concept of this story was intriguing:  women having all the power, I was disheartened about how women chose to use their Power.  While this was not my favorite book, it made for a really compelling book club discussion.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Laine Moriarty is one of my favorite authors.  I count her books as some of my favorite of all times.  I admit, I could not wait for this book to come out this month.  The premise is that nine strangers come to a posh spa for a ten day wellness retreat.  Each character has their own reason for coming:  weight loss, ended relationship, death of a loved one and marriage difficulties.  As you might imagine, things don’t go exactly as planned.  (That is all I can say without giving the story away).  Moriarty is a master both at story telling and character development.  I have to admit, this wasn’t my favorite of her books but I had a hard time putting it down.   If you are looking for a light, compelling read for the holidays, this book would be great for you.

The Other Woman

This one of those books that kept coming up as a “must read” in all of my lists.  I have to admit, it lived up to the hype.  The story is of a girl who meets the “perfect” guy with only one problem…his mother.  This book was the best kinda creepy.  I had a hard time deciding if the main character Emily was a saint or crazy out of her mind. I have to admit, I would never had put up with all of the stuff that Emily did…even for Mr. Right. I read this book in a weekend because it was that compelling.  There is an amazing twist to this story that I did not see coming (and I am pretty good at predicting endings).  It is a definite thumbs up for me.

Family Trust

Family Trust was the last book that I read this month.  It did feel a bit like Crazy Rich Asians (though more modestly rich) meets The Nest.  The story follows a Chinese-American family in Silicon Valley as they learn the patriarch of the family is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  This too is a very character driven story.  The author did a great job of making her characters real and raw exposing how crazy money (or the promise of money) can make you.  It was a solid book and it kept my attention though I am not sure that it lives up to its early reviews.

Next Month

A Place for Us

This book has been on my next to read list since the summer.  I am so happy that my book club picked it for next month.  It is the first book release on Sarah Jessica Parker’s new imprint.

A Gentleman in Moscow

A reader friend of mine claims this in her top five of best books ever read.  I am going to give it a try.  I’ll let you know what I think.

Want to read along with me?  I would love to hear what you think about the books your read.  I am also looking for my next book to read!  Let me know what you are loving now.








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