I hope everyone is getting a little taste of fall this week.  This week was a great week for me!  I celebrated my birthday (Yeah)! Got to go for a long weekend to Naples and now I have Thanksgiving to look forward to!  I don’t know about you, but our schools are out all week next week so I am looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying time with my son (if he can stop playing Fortnight long enough).  We do have a date to go Black Friday Shopping!  Who knew that a twelve year old boy could get excited about that.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here are a few articles that I found interesting this week.

A Dermatologist pick top Skin Care Products from Target

Some great ideas here for all ages.  There are acne washes that will be great for our teens and anti-aging products just in case you need a little boost.




Oprah’s Favorite Things Food List

I look forward to Oprah’s lists to come out!  I usually add at least one item on the list to my wish list.  I have yet to be disappointed.



Faux Shearling Coat, Main, color, RUST


Teddy Bear  Jacket

The teddy bear jacket seems to be everywhere.  Here is my favorite one.  Check out my post from earlier this week if you missed it.





5 things not to worry about

5 Things I Stopped Worrying About as a Mom of Teens

I loved this article and it made me rethink some things that I am prone to do…like obsess over the parent portal. (I need help!)



Book of the Month – Nine Perfect Strangers

I just started reading Nine Perfect Strangers.  I have had this book ordered since July so I can’t wait to dig in!  Look forward to a complete review at the end of the month.

Happy Reading!

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