I love to travel and I love adventure.  Since I have had the privilege in my life to travel both for business and pleasure, I have somewhat perfected the art of packing.  This time of year, many of us find ourselves traveling.  While holiday travel can be fun, it can also be a bit stressful.  I have compiled a list of my must have items for traveling.  My hope is that this list might help you take a little stress out of packing.

Good Book

I loved this book Women in Sunlight.  In fact, I long to be the women in this book.  These ladies of a certain age find themselves alone for the first time in their lives and decide to go on an adventure.  They move to a village in Italy for a year to discover what comes next in their lives.  It is a wonderful, inspiring book.  Great for travel.

Reusable Tote

My son’s school did a fundraiser with this company a few years ago. I love this light weight reusable tote.  I can’t tell you how many times and places I have used this.  I leave it folded in my purse and begin putting my purchases into it.  It fits comfortably on my shoulder and is a must have travel essential for me.

8ft iPad Charging Cord

I like to read in bed and you never know where the plugs are going to be in a hotel room.  I always travel with an extra-long iPad cord to charge my phone and tablet.

Superlite Ceramic Hair Dryer

A quality hair dryer is a must for me.  I have this particular dryer in a large and small version.  The smaller version folds up for easy travel and it comes with a finger diffuser which is a must for my curly hair.  I just leave this little one in my suitcase so I am never without a dryer.


Floors in hotel rooms creep me out so in come the comfy, cute socks.  They are also great if you need to get comfy on a plane too.

Cashmere Travel Throw Blanket

This is another travel essential I have used for years.  It is a cashmere throw in a handy travel pouch.  I tend to get chilly on flights so I love having this soft blanket to throw over my shoulders.  There is also I sleep mask with this set that I will use for napping on planes.  Great for those long international flights.

Bose Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

While these ear buds are a bit expensive, they are great when you just don’t want to deal with the noise on the plane (or talk to the person sitting next to you).

Slip Sleep Mask

I love this sleep mask!  It is silk, soft and the perfect weight for sleep.  In fact, I can’t sleep well without it.  I have bought several of these over the years.  I have discovered that I like the darker ones better (ie. navy) because it hides my make residue better if I use it for an afternoon snooze.

Garnier Make-up Removing Face Wipes

I love these for travel.  The hotel washcloths seem to be hard on my skin so I love this gentle way to remove my make-up.

Travel Bags

I love these little travel bags to store accessories, shoes or lingere.


Hope you find these items helpful on your next adventure!  Let me know what you can’t do without when you travel.  Comment below or email me at bella@budgetfriendlyluxury.com.

Happy Travels!

















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