I hope that everyone had a fun Halloween.  While spending it with a teenager is its own kind of special fun, I miss the little ones.  I have to admit, I still don’t know the name of the video game character that my son was, but he looked great!  I would love to hear how your Halloween went.  Did you have school parties?  Did you do a trunk or treat?  Did you dress up?  Share and let me live vicariously through you!

Here are the articles that I found compelling this week.  Take a look!

We found Natural Dupes for some of your Favorite Cult Make-Up Products

I love it when I can go with natural products.  I am looking forward to trying the mascara and nude lipstick mentioned in the article below.



The Parental Gift of Presence

I love this article written by a Dad.  I too am guilty of wanting to “fix” things when all my son wants to do is vent.  I found his perspective on teenage frustration very helpful.


Here's What the World's Best Travel Agents Always Pack

38 Genius Items The World’s Best Travel Advisers Always Pack

I love this list of travel essentials.  Take a look at this article before your holiday travel plans.  I have added a few items to my list.


13 Ways to Style a $10 White T-Shirt

13 Ways to Style a $10 White T-Shirt

Such a simple staple in so many fashionable ways.  Love It!


Hammered Gold and Sapphire Necklace

I just purchased this necklace and I love it.  Mickey Lynn is one of my favorite designers.  Her jewelry is beautifully made.  I have loved everything I have ever purchased from her.

Hope you liked this week’s edition of the Friday 5.  Feel free to share any articles that you found compelling this week.  Have a great weekend and Happy Shopping.




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