I loved living in New York City!  It fed both my soul and my stomach.  While I could post for a year solid just on the amazing food found throughout the city, a girl has to start somewhere.  Today I am bringing you the sweetest part of New York City—literally.  Here are a few of my Don’t miss…Gotta Eat…So Good You will Dream about sweets found in the city!

Levian Bakery – Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is a somewhat hidden bakery on the Upper West Side.  Known for their amazing chocolate chip walnut cookies.  These cookies are HUGE!  Thick, round and scrumptious with just enough chewiness in the middle.  It is my all time favorite chocolate chip cookie, and I have and could eat one every day!

Levian Bakery, 167 West 74th Street, www.levainbakery.com

Alice’s Teacup – Pumpkin Scone

This was always one of my favorite lunch places.  While there are several locations around town, I was partial to the one on the Upper West Side.  I used to crave their BLT sandwich made with blue cheese crumbles and their Pumpkin Scones.  In fact, these scones are so delicious, my good friend asked me to deliver them to her in the hospital after she had her second child.  This is a fun little tea house with amazing food and even more amazing scones!

Alice’s Teacup Original Location, 102 West 73rd Street, www.alicesteacup.com

Frozen Hot Chocolate – Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres is a renown Chocolatier and pastry chef from France.  He is often known as Mr. Chocolate.  I adore chocolate and consider myself a bit of an expert (if by expert you mean I eat a lot of chocolate) and this is one of the most unique chocolates I have tasted.  It is milky and delicious. The Frozen Hot Chocolate is such a wonderful treat on a hot day.

Jacques Torres, 8 Locations around the city, www.mrchocolate.com


Cereal Milk Ice Cream – Milk Bar

These Milk Bar Shops have popped up all over the city.  The one I first went to was literally a hole in the wall downtown with a line around the block.  It served ice cream only with its most famous flavor being…cereal milk ice cream.  It tastes just like the milk at the end of your cereal bowl and it is super yummy.  It is a don’t miss for sure.

Milk Bar, 9 locations around the city, www.milkbarstore.com/location/nyc/

Cupcakes – Magnolia Bakery

My love for a cupcake with TRUE buttercream icing (not the Publix Supermarket version of buttercream) runs deep.  There was a literal cupcake craze when we lived in New York City.  There were 3 different cupcake shops within a three block radius of where I lived (dangerous to say the least).  Magnolia Bakery is the last man standing for good reason.  Simply—It is THE BEST!  I don’t ever want to know exactly how many sticks of butter go into their buttercream icing, but I will happily live with my ignorance and enjoy another cupcake!  Not a cupcake fan?  There banana pudding is to die for as well!

Magnolia Bakery,  6 locations around the city, www.magnoliabakery.com

Cookie Dough – Dō

Ever sneak raw cookie dough?  Think of this place as cookie dough heaven without your mom telling you that raw eggs are bad for you.  Dō was a new find for us the last time we visited NYC.  We waited in line over 30 minutes but it was worth the wait.  Their concoctions are super rich …so a small is enough. I also bought a piece of fudge which was a wonderful treat the next day on my flight home. We tried the BrookieDough (mixture of brownie batter and cookie dough) and the Salty & Sweet (sugar cookie with salted caramel).  My son is gluten free and they also had a cookie dough for him too.

Dō , 550 LaGuardia Place  by Washinton Square Park www.cookiedonyc.com

I hope that you will take my recommendations for yummy treats the next time you visit New York City.  Please let me know which one is your favorite.  Also—Did I miss anything?  Please let me know so I can add it to my must eat list.




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