Perfect Books to get you into the School Spirit!

I love to read!  For me reading is a lifestyle not chore.  Through reading, I am transported out of my everyday life into the life of my character.  I need reading almost as much as I need sleep. (Almost!)

As we get back into our school routine, I began remembering what it was like to be in school.  I remember being an awkward nerdy middle schooler (Thank goodness my son takes after my husband), to a more self confident but still nerdy high schooler.  Finally by the time, I made it to college I was a more self confident and less nerdy. I was also in love (its where I met my husband) so that added a bit to the self confidence.

This time of year makes me nostalgic.  Not that I am eager to repeat school, but I do enjoy reading and remembering what it was like.  So with that said, here are my top five favorite back to school reads and a little bit about why I loved them:

Class Mom

Jennifer Dixon is not your average class mom.  She is funny, irreverent and suggests BYOB and special brownies for the meet the teacher.  As her third child enters kindergarten, Dixon is strong-armed by a friend to be the class mom.  Her classroom is filled with an old high school flame, a slightly hysterical mother of an allergy prone child, and an all too sexy teacher.  Having been the class mom for my son for years, this book made me laugh out loud.  It is a great was to start your school year.

Ivy Chronicles

This book is a satirical view of the kindergarten admission process (yes that is a real thing) for New York City kindergarten.  Enter the world of uber-competitive, slightly hysterical parents who hire Ivy Ames to nab a spot for their child in one of New York City’s elite private schools.  Having lived in New York City when my son was preschool age, I can attest to watching my once sane friends work themselves and their children into a frenzy to try to get accepted into one of NYC’s elite kindergarten programs.  After reading this book, you will be thankful for your public school in the suburbs.


Believing boarding school is glamorous and her ticket to success, Lee Fiora applies and receives a scholarship to Ault.  At first, she is shunned because she is from a LMC (lower middle class) family.  As many teens do, she sacrifices her grades for popularity with little success.  This is a great coming of age story written by one of my favorite authors.

Eleanor and Park

This is one of my all-time favorite books.  It is a sweet story of two sixteen-year-olds forced to sit next to each other on the school bus in the 1980s in Omaha, NE.  Eleanor is a self conscious, slightly overweight teen with problems at home.  Park is a half Korean, comic book loving boy just trying to find his way in high school.  This unlikely pair falls into an innocent and sweet relationship.  This book will help you not only remember your first love but it will remind you just how hard it is to be a teenager.

My Oxford Year

Ella Durran from Ohio is living out her dream of attending Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship.  While working on her Master’s degree, she is serving as the education consultant for a US Presidential candidate.  Her life couldn’t be any more perfectly planned out until she literally collides with a known playboy, Jamie Davenport in a chip shop.  Little did she know that this unpleasant encounter would have a dramatic effect on her time in England.  This is a great read in the vein of Me Before You.

Let me know if you love these book as much as I do.  Feel free to let me know any books that would make your “Back to School” list.  Respond below or email me at

Happy Reading!

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